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Creations of a Goldsmith allows you to realise your dreams of owning unique pieces of jewellery. We start with an idea, which is then developed into a design in order to fashion a piece of jewellery that is professionally made using the most refined jewellery techniques.
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“Considering how the light reflects and not just the proportions of shapes: that is the work of the artisan jeweller.”


“A fantastic vision for a jewelled animal arises from a natural pearl.”


“I draw endless inspiration from my city for my pieces of jewellery.”


“Creative virtuosities come together to craft a classic amongst pieces of Venetian jewellery”

Special creations

“The artisan’s task is to learn in depth how to use his or her tools, develop a detailed design, and, on the basis of the design, realise the final product.”


Grounding yourself in your duty, you must not tremble, as there is no greater good for the warrior than that of a fair battle.


“Creating a piece of jewellery by removing as much material as possible, leaving behind a sort of golden lace.”

How my creations are born
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