Fretwork bracelet

Starting from a single sheet of 18-karat gold, we begin to design a decorative motif that will then be perforated in order to create a metalwork that is delicate and light like Venetian lace. Subsequently, the piece is moulded and embossed to create a refined and elegant piece of jewellery. The Fretwork Bracelet is made of 18-karat yellow and white gold with over 300 natural Extra White diamonds for a total weight of over 3 carats. A unique piece of jewellery. [eltd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="#000000" border_style="" width="" thickness="1" top_margin=""...

Fretwork rings

Rings made completely by hand and obtained directly from a perforated and engraved sheet of 18-karat gold,mounted with Fancy Yellow Brown diamonds, natural rubies, and Top Wesselton diamonds.


Fretwork earring

Perforated “button” earrings with a decorative motif of acanthus leaves, completely in 18-karat gold and with natural diamonds, embossed and engraved entirely by hand.